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Evil, Evil Yarn

The yarn and I are having discussions.

I say it wants to be a pretty lace stole.  It says, it wants to be a rat's nest.  Lace Disaster  I say that I will persevere in the face of such hard ships.  It says "good luck" and proceeds to try and sabotage me from the other end.  Sadly, I don't think this is enough to post it as a "lace disaster" on the seasonsoflace blog.

Evil ball evil, evil yarn

Aha!  I do have proof that I got a bit of it right anyways....Success!

And for cuteness, a pic of Vdog, running.
Vdog, running....so cute

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I think it's spring

I'm getting over the time change.  I'm a bit frustrated that it's dark out when I get up to walk V, but I'm VERY pleased that it'll be light out when I get home from work.  Today, I got to take V for a walk after work.  She doesn't seem to be awfully happy that it's starting to warm up.  She got a bit hot on the walk.
Hot dog in the spring

In other news, the seedlings I started are growing like...well, weeds.  I've never really paid much attention to how quickly plants grow.
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Perfect Saturday

I had the most wonderful, happy Saturday today. It started out with exploring Prairie Gardens (which, I'm ashamed to admit I've never been to before)  Which, eventually, ended up turning into this plants # 1  and this plants #2

Then we went to Borders and got some books for the BIL, I bought Vol 2 & 3 of Shinobi Life for myself.  I would also like to buy Musashi #9, but so far I haven't seen these books in the store.

This was then followed by taking V to the dog park, where we got to see a lot of dogs that are regulars (especially the cute Border Collie "Dexter" and the retriever "Echo" who's so sweet.  Today, there was also a 6-8 week old Husky pup that would send a diabetic into shock) followed up by the usual Saturday mouth-gasm at Black Dog.

Then a quick trip to the Library, and a stop at Christopher's to pick up these   Mook Jasper Pair

The afternoon was spent by planting seeds and hanging my sun and moon.  Then I went and got a massage and came home to a husband making tacos.

I love my life.

The Vdog seems to agree.  And she loves her deck.Veronica lying on the deck
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I've finally finished that Frikken baby blanket.

Frikken baby blanket

No, I'm not swearing.  The couple having the baby, last name, Frikken.  You can probably guess at the jokes at the wedding, no?  This is the first time I"ve blocked a project, it worked beautifully.

And here, a gratuitous picture of one of the corners.
corner of the blanket
It turned out much better than I thought it would.  If you squint your eyes properly, it almost looks like a bird.

And here's a pic of the blanket showing off vdog
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I had my Business Communication class last night. The teacher seems funny enough, and seems to know what she's talking about (although I'm slightly worried that she didn't seem to know the word "jargon")  However, I didn't realize the class runs from 6-8:45.  Which is 45 minutes longer than I thought and IMHO about an hour and a half longer than it needs to be.

In two and a half hours, we went through the syllabus, did some stupid icebreakers (HATE!) and talked a bit about what Communication is.  And she drug it out making people come up with more parts of communication, and what are the goals of communication and other such blathering nonsense that I got a couple of repeats done on my lace knitting.

Possibly, in theory, she was doing this because a lot of the students had finished work and were tired.  I can understand that; however when I'm tired it makes it harder than ever for me to handle someone wasting my time! 

*sighs, closes her eyes and counts softly*

If nothing else, I'll have plenty of knitting time.  And I might not have to read that pesky thing called a book that I had to buy for $80.  *rolls her eyes*

OTOH, Tonight J and V and I have agility.  It should be interesting.  I'm kind of worried, they told us to bring about a PINT of doggie treats; and that we should cut down on the kibble while training for agility in order to make up for the massive amount of treats the dog will be getting.  So, I'm thinking that Veronica will like agility; so long as there are no vents to walk over.

Maybe I'll remember to bring the camera.  Of course, I might end up handling V and we shouldn't use the flash, but we'll see.
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For those of you who were worried about V not getting to come to any Halloween parties, don't worry, she had her own.  See?

Oddly enough though, these were the only packages eaten/broken into

Yes, dearies, those are 4 packages of swedish fish.  She left alone the nerds, laffy taffy and sweet tarts, only eating the swedish fish.  What a weirdo.
Everyone knows laffy taffys are the best.

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Sleep Vampire of a Dog

I went to bed really early last night.  I'm not sure why, but both the hubby and I were very tired once we got home from work.  We went to bed early.  Like 9 pm.  It was hard staying up so late.

Of course, I run into a problem.  My body was tired, my mind was tired, but apparently my sub-conscious, whirling like a top.  And I was too tired to use some of my usual tricks to send myself to sleep.  But I did get to sleep, and it must have been earlier than usual.

However, when I woke up this morning; I was still tired.  For the first time in a VERY long time (not including early morning road trips) I opened the Mountain Dew in the morning.

But, I've formulated a hypothesis.  Veronica is really a psychic/sleep vampire.  It all makes sense, she's stealing my sleep from me; which is why when I get up at oh frapping galrmonic 6 am in the MF morning, the dog's all happy, awake, and pretty.  She's wide awake at the ungodly hour when I get up.  She's sunny on the mornings we get up BEFORE the sun.  Something has to be wrong in the world for anything to be that awake at such a painful hour of the morning.

My dog is a sleep vampire that's stealing MY beauty sleep.  Has to be it.

I was thinking of taking one of her pictures and adding vampire teeth to it.  But the thought of elongating the canine's of my...well...canine is just so wrong.  Plus I can just hear lovely_thistle "Oh, look at V with vampire teeth.  Isn't she just the CUTEST vampire doggie ever?" which SO does not work with my "oh look what an evil monster my sleep stealing dog is" attitude.

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Oregon/Washington trip

J and I took a wonderful trip to Oregon and Washington last week.  I'll include a fair amount of pictures, so be forewarned.

We flew into Portland and the first day drove to Crystal Mountain Ski Resort just on the north east side of Mt. Rainier National Park.  This is the view from the breakfast table the first morning.  breakfast the 1st day  our hotel.

Jon and I saw Mt Rainier   and Mt Rainierdrove up to Seattle Seattlewhere our friends gave us an amazing tour and introduced us to an amazing sushi place.  We also got to check out Pike's Place Market and the Seattle Library.  Going to the library with 2 Library Science PHDs and a guy with a Masters degree was interesting.  They have their stacks arranged in a gradual spiral based off of the dewey decimal system.

We then drove from Seattle to Eugene, OR to see my friend W...whom I forgot to take a picture with.  We then drove straight west until we hit the Pacific.Pacific

We took the coastal highway up, and then over to visit my friend G in McMinneville.  He's so awesome.    He took us around to a couple of the plethora of wineries around his hometown and then we headed down to explore  Corvalis, OR a great little campus town.

Then we drove back up to Portland and checked out Powell's World of Books.  The most amazing bookstore ever.  After a bit more seafood, and more beer for Jon.  Then, after a week of amazing food and for Jon new beers, we returned home.  Which would have been a lot sadder, did we not have a fuzzy wuzzy little dog waiting for us to return.