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Some Knitting Content....everyone together "oooh...ahhh"We

Well, I'm doing pretty good at keeping my stuff at Ravelry up to snuff.  So I thought I'd post some knitting content on my blog.  Mostly, because I have pictures.

This is (one of) a pair of socks that I've finished.  It's a size small, with a feather and fan pattern and is meant for a specific person.  I really like the colors, and the yarn (Tofutsies) is really nice.  It's a wool/cotton/soysilk blend with a bit of chitin in it that is super soft.

Having finished that pair, I cast on these....

These lovely purple and black striped socks are an example of illusion knitting.  Illusion knitting is a nifty thing where objects viewed from straight on shows up as stripes, but when viewed from the side (or at an angle)...

....an image is born.  This image, hopefully if things go right, will be a repeating image of a skull and crossbones.

Which would make these pretty much the perfect socks for any of my friends.