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Do I never learn?

I am currently knitting my Flamenco Shawl. I've finished the pattern, and started the ruffle.  Friends with more experience suggested that ruffles are really-really-really boring.  But I persisted

Turns out, they're right.

So here's a (stolen) picture of the Flamenco Shawl that is finished.

See that ruffle?  Isn't it darling?  Isn't it gorgeous?  Perfect?

The damn thing is about 1,300 stitches long at this point.  For a point of reference, that's equal to about 20 rows on a sock--or about 5 inches.  So, the same number of stitches that would be 5 inches on a sock is about 1/3 to 1/4 of an inch in this damned ruffle.

I accept that I took this on myself.  I should have listened to my wiser friends (of course, they mainly became wiser through making the same exact mistakes I did)  I did not, I chose this fate for myself.

....I might need a nice white jacket.  Something with long sleeves, I'm thinking.

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Knitting Content

Newly Finished Pieces:

Wings of the Goddess,  Eala Pattern, Jaegerspun Zephyr Wool/Silk yarn.

Wings of the Goddess

Sangiovese Stole.  Sangovese Pattern,  Lost City Oak Barn Merino yarn.

Sangiovese Stole

Both of which I intend to enter in the county fair, July 22nd.
Really, you should enter something too.

Curently On the Needles:

Vanilla Berry Socks.    Plain vanilla sock pattern   Berocco Comfort Sock Yarn

Vanilla Berry Socks

Soon to be On The Needles

Copper Maude  Pattern: Maude (FREE!)  Yarn: Jaegerspun Zephyr Copper
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I finally got some pics of the stuff I've knitted/sewn in the past few months.

Russian skirt
Russian Skirt

Autumnal Feathers socks
Autumnal Feathers   Autumnal Feathers

Mom's birthday shawl

Dayflower Cowl

Ok, that's taking up enough bandwidth.  ;)
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Dragon's Heart

I am suddenly starting to begin to understand a dragon's heart.  I understand why Fafnir left for the wilds with his hoard, and why Eustace turned into a dragon in CS Lewis' Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Today I bound off on my first Autumnal Feathers knee sock.  Since I tried a new bind off, Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, I slipped the sock on under my desk at work.  I wanted to make sure it fit before cutting the yarn.

Bells sounded.  The yarn glowed.  It looked as though some magical dwarf had poured molten gold onto my leg, then worked it in intricate patterns.  My heart turned the slightest bit dragonish.

Alas, I don't have the camera and sunlight to capture the real picture, but here are some slightly old pictures to give my readers an idea of how it looks.
   Golden sock

(Lost City Sock Yarn -Autumnal Tumble colorway; Feathers and Lace Pattern by Rosemary Falk)

Sadly, I can't cast on the second sock until the additional skein of yarn arrives.  And staring longingly at the mailbox doesn't make the yarn magically appear.  Especially on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  There's no mail delivery today.

I guess that means I've time to work on my Zebra Mittens, the last bit of Christmas Mittens I've got to knit.
Zebra Mittens
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What to knit next.

I finished my lemon flower shawl.  I'll post pictures in a little bit.  Now I'm trying to decide what to knit next

I'm thinking the Eala shawl  Eala Shawl...but I'd need to find a nice golden yarn to go with it.

I'm also thinking the In the Summer Shade Shawl In the Summer Shade that I won in Seasons Of Lace  I'm thinking that would look just amazing in Lost City Merino's Tall grass Prairie  Tall Grass Prairie or County Donegal Conty Donegal

On the other hand, I have the gorgeous Knit Picks Shadow Tonal in the Gypsy Colorway Gypsy colorway  which is gorgeous yarn, but I haven't  picked out a pattern for it yet.

On another paw (which I borrowed from V, since I've run out of hands) I'm thinking I want to give the family (at least) mittens for Christmas this year.  I'm thinking I should start on my Christmas knitting instead of making more lace for myself.

So, what are your opinions?
Poll #1601173 What should I knit next?

What should I knit next

That Eala shawl is perfect.
Summer in the Shade, since you've got yarn in mind
Oooh...ohh..ooooh....I know JUST the PERFECT pattern to go with that red.
What? You haven't started your Christmas knitting yet? It's August already, you know...
I don't care what you knit, just make ME something already..
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I've run out of beads.

I have something very sad to show you.

Empty Beads

I ran out of the beads I added to my lemon flower shawl.  I reached for the last tube of beads, wondering if I had enough to finish the edging, and realized the last tube of beads were the wrong color.  The first 3 tubes of beads were clear, the last was clear with a rainbow sheen.  I was tempted, for a moment, to use them anyways.  I held off, and did a quick run to the craft store.

The craft store, which I had already run to once for more beads, was alas out of the beads that I need.  They’ll be out of theses beads forever until Tuesday.  My poor, gorgeous, lemon flower must be put aside to rest for now.

lemon flower shawl

Instead, I started my Hedera socks.
Hedera Socks

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The Honeyed Words of Tempting Yarns

I feel I must confess, I strayed from my Nutkin socks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Nutkin pattern.  Nutkin is wonderful; an easy pattern to work, with enough changes to keep it interesting.  It’s not its fault that I strayed.  The fault is all mine.


I never should have brought that newly-wound ball with me.  As I sat there, working on Nutkin, the Lost City Knits Oak Barn Merino (in “Pucker” colorway) sat there, looking gorgeous, whispering my name…sending flirting glances of color to catch the corner of my eye…murmuring sweet nothings about how just a taste wouldn’t hurt.


A taste always hurts.  I picked up the needles to see if I liked the gauge.  I did.  I’ve never knit with yarn this small before, the magic caught me; twisted me up inside its own little time-dimension.  New yarns must be like Faerie, to take a taste is to lose track of time.


Next thing I knew, I had ended up with this, the beginning of the Six-Petal Half Circle Shawl (Ravelry)Cast on Six Petal Shawl


And even now, I must steel myself against the honeyed calling of the new yarn, the new pattern.  I must finish my Nutkin socks.  They are practical, and beautiful in their own practical way.  It’s not their fault I was seduced, they deserve the attention and love just as much now as when they were first cast on.  And they must be done before this season closes.



Sorry, apparently I’m feeling verbose and dramatic today.