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Knitting Content

Newly Finished Pieces:

Wings of the Goddess,  Eala Pattern, Jaegerspun Zephyr Wool/Silk yarn.

Wings of the Goddess

Sangiovese Stole.  Sangovese Pattern,  Lost City Oak Barn Merino yarn.

Sangiovese Stole

Both of which I intend to enter in the county fair, July 22nd.
Really, you should enter something too.

Curently On the Needles:

Vanilla Berry Socks.    Plain vanilla sock pattern   Berocco Comfort Sock Yarn

Vanilla Berry Socks

Soon to be On The Needles

Copper Maude  Pattern: Maude (FREE!)  Yarn: Jaegerspun Zephyr Copper
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I finally got some pics of the stuff I've knitted/sewn in the past few months.

Russian skirt
Russian Skirt

Autumnal Feathers socks
Autumnal Feathers   Autumnal Feathers

Mom's birthday shawl

Dayflower Cowl

Ok, that's taking up enough bandwidth.  ;)