Cgirl (cgirlslife) wrote,

I find myself feeling disappointed after this last election.  Not that I wish Romney had won, he scares me.  But 49% of the country supported him.  My birth state of Minnesota rejected a constitutional amendment requiring marriage to be between one man and one woman; yet 48% of the voters felt they had the right to say their religion is more important than mine.  And I'm saddened by the number of people who have left negative posts on Facebook.  I'm maddened by people saying that  asking that birth control be covered by insurance is immoral; and the number of people that thing the President controls the price of gas and that my cousin gave out rocks to adults for Halloween.  I'm immeasurably saddened by the people who are afraid of love: you're either pro-family or anti-marriage--you can't be pro-family yet say that gay families are not families.  I'm disheartened by the disrespect shown to so many values I hold dear. 

*end rant*

And now to think about the amazing things that were revealed.  States legalizing gay marriage and marijuana.  Obama winning.  Health care possibilities.

PS.  I know the thing about Halloween doesn't really fit.  But my cousin's lack of generosity is bothering me.

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